3.0 National material list

Below please find the national material list. The tables below provide stewards with a list of the material categories for which they need to report in each province. A green check mark indicates that that material is designated in that province and should be reported. Please consult the “Examples & Reporting Tips” for further guidance on how to report each material. If you have questions about the material list, please contact National Steward Services at 1-888-980-9549 or by email at stewards@cssalliance.ca.

A  downloadable  PDF  of  the  national  material  list  and  the province-specific material  lists  are  also  available. Please visit http://guidebook.cssalliance.ca/ where these can be downloaded.

For more information on how the Program Plans define designated packaging and paper product, please refer to section 1.9.1 of Part One of the guidebook. For more information on which materials to exclude from your report, please refer to section 2.3.1 of Part Two of the guidebook.

Stewards should refer to the definition of each material category when determining under which category their paper product or packaging should be reported. Examples provided under each material reporting category are provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to definitively establish the correct reporting category.