Products and services supplied to commercial customers for their consumption may be omitted

When a steward supplies the same product to residential consumers and commercial customers, you may omit the PPP associated with the product supplied to commercial customers if the commercial customer will dispose of the PPP through commercial waste management services. You must be able to demonstrate that the PPP omitted from the report was supplied to commercial customers for their consumption or for the consumption of other commercial organizations and that the PPP omitted does not enter the residential waste stream.

This may include the following:

  • A steward sells cleaning products to a retailer who in turn sells these products to both residential consumers and businesses. The steward is able to omit from their report the packaging for those cleaning products sold to commercial or business customers which will not be managed in the residential waste stream. The steward must however include the portion of packaging sold to residential consumers. You may determine this split between residential and commercial customers by looking at packaging format (industrial/large format packaging) or by requesting sales data from your retail partner who may be able to provide historical average of percent of sales to non-residential customers. The steward must maintain documentation or support for the portion of material omitted from their steward report.
  • A steward sells packages of food such as small packages of ketchup to hospitals. These packages of ketchup end up on patient food trays. The packaging is disposed of via a commercial waste management system and the steward should not include them in their report. (Please note that if the steward is supplying the ketchup packages to a quick service restaurant, then some of those packages would need to be reported because a percentage of those packages would be taken off-site and disposed of at home).