1.10 How do I determine if my business or organization is responsible as the brand owner, franchisor or first importer?

To determine if your business or organization is responsible for packaging and/or paper product (PPP) supplied to residential consumers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Ontario, you will need to determine if it is the responsible brand owner, franchisor, or first importer of PPP in the province.

The brand owner, if resident in the province, is responsible for the PPP associated with its brands of products supplied either directly or indirectly to residential consumers.

If the brand owner is not resident in the province, the first importer is the responsible party.

A franchisor is an organization that is the registrant or licensee of a trademark, or owns or is a licensee of intellectual property rights of a trademark. A franchisor is responsible to report and pay fees for all material supplied by its franchise systems to consumers in those provinces.