1.8.1 I would like to sign up as a voluntary steward; how do I join a stewardship organization?

For all programs, you will need to sign a Voluntary Steward Agreement (VSA) and for Recycle BC and MMSW you will also need to sign a Membership Agreement.

Stewards that wish to register as voluntary stewards and start reporting are asked to submit a complete a Voluntary Steward Agreement for each respective program by December 1st of the current year in order to be eligible to report in the subsequent reporting cycle. For example new voluntary stewards who want to report in the 2020 reporting cycle are asked to submit their VSA to CSSA by Dec 1st, 2019.

Stewards seeking to terminate their Voluntary Steward Agreement are required to provide 12 months’ written notice and must notify CSSA by December 1st of the calendar year.

Recycle BC

Multi-Material Stewardship Western

Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba

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