1.9.1 What is packaging?

Since there are slight differences in the definitions of packaging across the programs, in order to harmonize across provinces, designated packaging will hereafter be defined as:

Packaging means materials that are used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery or presentation of goods which are supplied to residential consumers (as opposed to industrial, commercial, or institutional consumers). Packaging includes, but is not limited to, service packaging and all packaging components and ancillary elements integrated into the packaging.

This would include:

  • A material or substance (such as, but not exclusively, glass, metal, paper, boxboard, cardboard, textile, paper fibre, plastic, or any combination of those materials) that is used to protect, contain, or transport a product to a residential consumer; and
  • Secondary packaging that goes to the household such as the plastic wrap around a case of water bottles, or the plastic wrap around multiple boxes of tissue.
  • Please note, stewards are required to report all packaging that meets this definition regardless of whether it is managed in the residential waste, organics or recycling stream.
Examples of Packaging
Cardboard boxes Mustard bottles
Shampoo and conditioner bottles Soup cans
Cosmetic cases such as hand cream and foundation Cereal boxes
Aerosol containers Candy wrappers
Pet food bags Plastic film wrap
Pickle jars Packing peanuts

All PPP stewardship programs also cover service packaging which includes (but is not limited to the following):

Examples of Service Packaging
Food wraps provided by bakeries and delis Envelopes for developed photographs
Flower boxes and wraps Gift wrapping or tissue added to a product by a retailer
Disposable plates and cups provided to residential consumer at point of sale to facilitate the delivery of food and beverages Bags filled at the shelves with bulk goods, produce and baked goods
Take-out and home delivery food service packaging such as pizza boxes, cups bags, cartons, wraps and trays Paper or plastic carry-out bags provided at checkout and provided by retailers
Non-branded packaging purchased from a wholesaler distributed to consumers  as service packaging containing a product  such as paper bags or boxes for bakery items. Plastic wrap, paper, corrugate or boxboard packaging used to transport mail order items directly to a consumer’s home.