1.9.4 What does “supplied to the residential consumer” mean?

Supplied to the residential consumer means that the paper product, or the product associated with the packaging material, was directly or indirectly (through a retail chain or distributor) sold, leased, donated or otherwise made available or distributed for use (for free or otherwise) to a residential consumer where the residential consumer is the end-user.

Packaging and paper product is directly or indirectly supplied to residential consumers through a variety of channels such as:

  • Grocery retailers
  • General/mass merchandise retailers
  • Drug and pharmacy retailers
  • Convenience and gas station retailers
  • Club, wholesale, cash-and-carry
  • Direct delivery of products sold via the Internet, mail-order catalogue or telephone
  • On-premise factory stores for public or employees
  • Direct home sales including products that move through cooperative arrangements
  • Sales by independent sales contractors
  • Service utility companies (gas, electric, insurance, banks, telephone, etc.)
  • Newspapers and subscriptions
  • Unsolicited materials delivered/distributed directly to households