2019 updates to Part One of the Guidebook

Section Title Revision
1.0 Introduction PPP refers to Packaging and Paper Product throughout the Guidebook.
1.7 How do I determine if my organization or company is resident in a province? Three additional scenarios have been added to the table providing stewards with additional information for determining their residency status in provinces with stewardship regulations.
1.9 What is packaging and paper product? Designated material for MMSM and Stewardship Ontario are outlined in accordance with the Stewardship Ontario and MMSM Rules rather than the Program Plans.
1.9.2 Materials that should not be included in your report This section has been shortened and directs stewards to sections 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 for a full explanation of what materials should not be reported to the PPP programs.
1.10 How do I determine if my business or organization is responsible as the brand owner, franchisor, or first importer? Two examples have been added to the table in section 1.10 to provide stewards with additional guidance on how to determine if they are the responsible steward if they have affiliated companies.
1.11 What is a small business policy? A row has been added to the table separating the weight-based threshold for small business exemptions from the single point of retails sales small business exemption.