2.0 Introduction

If you are an obligated steward or are registering as a voluntary steward, it is time to begin collecting your data. This section will prepare you to file your annual steward report(s), including providing information on data collection, methodologies and record keeping.

Companies that have determined they are an obligated steward will need to use the WeRecycle portal. to register and confirm their obligation. As a steward, you will be asked to supply basic contact information   for your organization and then identify a representative, authorized by a senior officer of your organization whom we refer to as the “Primary Contact”(PC), to be the main contact for your organization. The PC has the authority to confirm your obligation for all applicable stewardship programs, file and submit reports and when necessary request amendment to a report (See Adjustment Policy).

The Primary Contact has access to all portal functions and can assign other contacts listed below:

  • A Secondary Contact is an optional contact, who can view reports and invoices, receive program related communications, and assign other secondary or environmental contacts.
  • An Environmental Lead is an optional contact who can view reports and invoices and will received program related communications.
  • A Billing Contact will receive copies of invoices and financial statements relating to the steward’s account and has the ability to enter data but cannot submit reports. The Billing Contact will receive program related communications.

The same person can act as both a Secondary Contact and an Environmental Lead, but there can be only one Primary Contact per program. For more information about using the portal and completing all registration steps, please refer to the Portal User Guide located on the CSSA website.