2.0.1 Why is the accuracy of reports so important for stewards?

It is very important that each steward report its designated packaging and paper product materials accurately in order to ensure stewardship program costs are distributed fairly among all stewards. Stewards’ reported quantities of the PPP they supply to residential consumers are a key input to the calculation of annual stewardship fees.

To ensure fairness to all, we require stewards to explain the methodologies they use to prepare their reports when they submit their annual reports through the WeRecycle portal.

The methodologies used and the data reported by stewards are subject to review and verification. Stewards are required to maintain records for five years. Process documentation and record keeping also helps to ensure consistency and accuracy of your reports year over year.

Methodologies may include the use of estimates in the absence of packaging weight and composition data. Estimates must be clearly and carefully explained and well supported. Stewards who do not know the quantities supplied to residential consumers in a jurisdiction may use the Statistics Canada Population Percentages as provided by Statistics Canada and available here to estimate the distribution of their products across provinces.

In all cases we encourage stewards to:

  • base estimates used to inform steward reports on valid and verifiable information;
  • make reasonable estimates, and refer to accounting practices and professional standards for guidance on what is reasonable.
  • retain records and be aware that steward reports are subject to verification for a period of at least five years;
  • review your reporting processes and methodologies each year prior to submitting your data as methodology changes cannot be applied retroactively.