2.0.2 When do I have to report and pay?

  • Stewards file their annual steward reports by May 31 of each calendar year.
  •  The steward report includes the weights and/or quantities of designated PPP supplied to residential consumers during the previous year in each province where they are a steward. For example, the steward report submitted by May 31, 2019 will be based on quantities of PPP supplied during 2018.
  • The steward will be invoiced in 2019 based on the report submitted in May of 2018.  In summary, a report based on 2017 data would be submitted by May 31 of 2018 and invoiced in 2019.
  • The total fees are calculated by multiplying each material category fee  rate by the quantity of the material you supplied.
  • For new stewards that do not have prior year data to report, estimates of PPP supplied may be used to calculate the stewards’ fees. Your National Steward Services team can assist any new steward  in determining the best way to develop these estimates, and how to complete their first reports as each situation can be quite different. Please refer  to the onboarding policy for additional onboarding principles