2.3 Step three: Obtain your sales data and/or information on services provided

  1. Identify all PPP for which you are the brand owner, franchisor and/or first importer. (Please see sections 1.6 through 1.11 of this guidebook for obligation requirements).
  2. You must also identify services and other activities undertaken by your organization that generate PPP.
    • Examples of materials that need to be accounted for but are sometimes overlooked include: hard copies of annual reports, bank statements, marketing brochures, flyers, and printed materials distribute to your employees that are likely to be managed in the residential waste stream such as records of employment, pay stubs and T4s, and any envelopes, flyers or inserts accompanying these documents.In order to access this information, you may rely on systems data or mail service data or studies (e.g., number of customers who request ATM receipts and dispose of them on
      bank property).
  3. Identify the sources of data available to you and ensure you have access to the data required to complete the report (e.g., franchises, marketing, vendor management, divisions, shareholder services, etc.).
  4. Ensure that you account for changes to your organization (as a result of acquisitions or divestitures of brands or businesses) since your previous report have been identified and are incorporated into your report.
  5. Extract a sales report from your accounting system for all products sold for which your organization is the obligated steward in the relevant data year. Gather other data as required that will enable you to prepare your report (e.g., shareholders that received annual reports, marketing materials provided to consumers, etc.).