Exclusion: Products and services supplied to IC&I consumers for the IC&I consumers’ consumption

Where a steward supplies packaging or paper product materials to a consumer in the industrial, commercial, or institutional (IC&I) sector, and the IC&I consumer never in turn supplies that material to residential consumers, this is IC&I material which is not designated by the programs. It can include corrugated or boxboard shipping cases, plastic pallet wrap or any other material used for the delivery of the product to a retail outlet but is disposed of or recycled in the warehouse and never included as packaging supplied to the consumer.

Stewards must be able to demonstrate that the PPP excluded from the report was supplied to IC&I consumers for their consumption or for the consumption of other IC&I organizations and that the material was never supplied to residential consumers.

This situation is illustrated by the following examples:

  • A steward may supply industrial cleaning supplies in bulk-sized containers to hospitals for their use in maintaining health care facilities. The packaging associated with these bulk-sized containers is never supplied to residential consumers. As a result, this is material supplied to the IC&I sector (and not to residential consumers). This material is not designated under the provincial recycling programs and therefore should be excluded from the steward’s report.
  • A steward sells “bulk sized” packages of cooking oils to restaurants (part of the IC&I sector) who incorporate the cooking oil into their menu items. The same steward also sells the same bulk sized packages of cooking oil in “big box” retailers which in turn sell this product to residential consumers. The steward should not include the portion of the packaging supplied to the restaurant in its Annual Report because this packaging is not designated. However, the stewardmust report on the bulk packaging supplied to residential consumers through the big box retailer, as this is designated material.

As a result, if you can prove (with auditable data) that specific products (and their associated packaging) are only supplied to IC&I consumers and are never resupplied to residential consumers, you do not need to include that packaging in your report. You must retain all supporting documentation about any materials excluded from your report as non-designated material as you may be required to substantiate the exclusion of this material by providing auditable data upon request.