Other items to exclude from your report

Do not report items that are not generally considered to be packaging such as accessories to the product that do not serve a packaging function. These items are not designated under the provincial program. This would include:

  • plastic cutlery, straws, and paper serviettes, plant pots that are intended to remain with the perennial plant throughout its entire life cycle (i.e. the plant is not temporarily packaged in a pot/holder until it can be re-potted or planted—please see Horticulture and Agriculture tip sheet for details).

Do not report packaging sold as a product (empty) to the end consumer. This would include:

  • garbage bags, organic waste bags, food storage bags and food storage containers. Please note that retail carry-out plastic bags are considered designated items and must be reported.

Do not report items that constitute an integral part of the product. This would include:

  • toner cartridges and single use cameras.