2019 updates to Part Two of the Guidebook

Section Title Revision
2.0.4 Resources to assist with preparing your report New section added that lists the additional resource available to stewards to assist in the preparation of their steward report.
2.1 Identify scope Additional language has been added to explain how stewards can advise CSSA if they are aware of obligated businesses which are not participating as stewards.
2.3.1 and 2.3.2 Material that may be excluded from your report versus material that may be eligible for a deduction using the deduction form on the portal. This section has been re-organized and now more clearly distinguishes between materials that may be excluded from a steward report (2.3.1) and materials that may be deducted from a steward report (2.3.2). It also includes guidance on how stewards will need to support the exclusions or deductions on the WeRecycle portal.
2.5.2 Average Bill of Materials (ABOM) method of reporting This section has been re-written and provides a clear step-bystep process on the ABOM method for preparing a steward report. Straight average ABOMs have been removed from the Guidebook because weighted average ABOMs result in a more accurate estimation of material weights.